An Education Institute by Bibi Kaulan Ji Bhalai Kender



From Principal's Desk

It is with pleasure that I welcome you to Bibi Kaulan Ji Public School, a Pre-Kindergarten to 7th Standard, is held in high esteem by the community for its well balanced education, and its nurturing and caring staff.

As part of the Bibi Kaulan Ji Public School System ,we will support and encourage the needs of your child, regardless of religious or cultural background, and we have an emphasis on caring for all aspects of their development and growth.

Our School focus is on helping students to reach their full academic potential, developing Sikh faith and moral character, and acquiring social confidence and responsibility. Value for one's self, respect and acceptance of others and wise decision making are just a few of the skills and attitudes that demonstrate the special character of our School.

Mrs. Jasleen Kaur


Mrs. Jasleen Kaur ji